Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the homefront

First to set every one's mind at ease, Pass is home now, having made a full recovery from what did turn out to be a blockage. Red has returned with him and all of the horses had a happy reunion. And then there were six.....
Today we went to the horse sanctuary for a little get together of volunteers, friends and supporters What made it special was Donna had declared it braless day and it was a women only event for obvious reasons. Linda in spite of not feeling up to par provided us with transportation. It was a welcome respite from a stressful week. S who is still in recovery mode from her illness did not accompany us but found solace in Scott's company, who has been seeing her through her mysterious sickness. I'm sure Scott was quite relieved not to have to bear witness to the ravages of gravity on a bunch of middle aged ladies unencumbered breasts.
Later this week we are planing an outing of movies and grocery shopping. Also in the works is a push to ready the nursery for our little piglets who are due to arrive mid August. The fun never stops.
This evening I received a phone call from work asking if I was available to work tonight, thinking it was a joke I said sure I'll be there with my walker. Fortunately that comment prompted more questions from the caller who was unaware of my infirmity or I might have actually found myself hobbling about the hospital halls tonight.
Lastly I wish the travelers would send some word of their whereabouts, as always I wish them well.

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  1. we're alive. Sorry for the scare. It's been... one wild ride. Miss you and it sounds like you're having fun!