Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well so happy to finally get access to the blog again and check in with the travelers. We are happy to hear they seem to be having many wonderful adventures. We are eagerly awaiting to view pictures of places they have visited.
Here at home E and N are holding down the fort,we've settled in to a fairly comfortable routine but boredom is a constant threat. Yesterday Allison and William arrived to pick up our beloved Gayla. We had an enjoyable visit and Allison as usual had many entertaining stories and news to share. However when it came time to leave and load Gayla into the trailer, Gayla decided she was not quite ready to go. Eventually Allison decided to leave the trailer and Gayla behind and return on Tuesday on her way back to NY. Gayla appeared quite gleeful, fully believing she'd pulled a fast one on Allison. Allison wondered aloud if Alyse had something to do with Gayla's refusal to load, thinking perhaps she'd had a long talk with Gayla before she left. Allison is well aware of the special bond Alyse and Gayla share, and had been hoping that Alyse would have been available to make the trip to NY with them, to help Gayla adjust to her new life. Knowing that we will always be a part of Gaylas' life makes her parting easier to bear. I am already planing our trip to NY to visit.
Today is Summer and Cinnie's birthday they are 9 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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