Saturday, July 3, 2010

In love with Venice

Quick post. Lots of pictures coming. But not just yet.

Sorry for all the text.

The first day we were in Venice I didn't care for it much, but on the second day I fell in love. I think it was just a fling though, because now that we are leaving it, I'm okay with the thought of going away. Besides, my hearts still years for another, my darling G. I think of her often and lament that I will not see her again even after I'm home. Maybe not see her again for many years.

In Venice we had many fun adventures, mostly getting lost in the residential areas. It's such a beautiful city. I didn't know they had so many gardens, parks and green lush foliage all over. Even playgrounds and jungle gyms!

The architecture is breathtaking, and overwhelming. Everywhere you look it's some new design, some new aesthetically pleasing sight. You want to take it all in, remember and record it all, but it's impossible. Eventually you have to just give up with the camera and enjoy it for the moment, try to remember it in your mind as best you can.

We started in the popular San Marco square, and wandered left, keeping the Grand Canal to the left of us at all times. It was confusing navigating, but somehow we always ended up where we wanted to go... more or less.

We bought huge cones of Gilatto /sp?/ with many different flavors. It was delicious! Much better than any of the stuff I've had in my country. Even better than Mochi! So smooth... so full of rich flavor. I was expecting it to be average, it was anything but.

We wandered accidentally into a residential area and found this chess club. The two old men playing inside invited us in and played us. I was not much of a challenge and after two quick games my opponent was done and tired of me. We resigned ourselves to watching the game between "The Maestro" and Bill, which lasted nearly half and hour. It was a lot of fun. Those men were serious about their chess! When we first saw them through the window they each had at least one or two books on chess open in front of them on either side of the chess board, playing and reading.... studying intently their strategies.

After we wandered around outside, watching the local children play soccer in the deserted residential squares. We asked where the train was and this couple said "Follow us" and continued walking and talking... I felt like I was in Runescape XD which I guess it terrible. How can you compare real life to a video game? But thats what it felt like.

We caught a train back without a problem, knowing which stops we needed on the locals from the previous day.

Now we're off again. I have a feeling the luxury of the actual Internet and rooms and bed is done for a few days at least... and park benches and granola bars are back.

Wish us luck and pray!

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