Thursday, August 5, 2010

on the homefront

Well it appears our travelers are having many fine adventures, as evidenced by the lack of updates to this blog. Too busy to write. Fortunately we've been able to keep up with their travels through facebook. Most recently we've learned that Alyse has realized her lifelong dream of getting up close and personal with a MOOSE! In fact for those of you who haven't done so already, visit Alyses' facebook page and catch her riding a MOOSE!

Last week Wendy left us, time for her to get ready for college. We miss her for many reasons not the least of which will be her cooking. Guess who's making dinner tonight?
Sarah is fully recovered from the mysterious illness that overtook her a couple of weeks ago. She and Emily have taken on extra duties to help me out around here. I am well on the road to recovery, though no longer dependent on the walker I lurch about the house looking like a demented zombie. The doctor assures me a little physical therapy will have me back as good as new.....eventually.

A little excitement this morning with the horses. Our neighbor informed us about 6am that our herd had taken a bit of a walk about down the road. They had managed to knock down one of the fences and left in search of greener pastures. Fortunately they weren't able to get into the only pasture nearby.(might have upset the neighbors cattle). Still they were quite delighted to see us when we arrived to round them up. One look at us reminded them it was time for breakfast and they came along quite happily. Except for Copper who never left the property and was rightfully smug for being the GOOD girl.(she got treats) Fence is fixed and all is well.

Jack astounded us all the other day when he showed up at the back door with a mouse in his mouth. I don't know which was more shocking, the fact that he had caught a mouse or that he had ventured outside. In any case we made a fuss and let him know we were very proud of him. The attention he got put Izzy's nose out of joint and she showed up several days later with a lizard in her mouth. She didn't get as much attention. Well got to go dinner to make you know.

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