Friday, July 16, 2010

where are they now

Well it's been almost a week since we received that desperate call from the travelers. We can only hope they will find a computer soon and set our minds at ease. We trust that no news is good news and the information we gave them was helpful.
Meanwhile on the home front life has not been dull. S has been battling some mysterious illness that has pretty much knocked her out. Three trips to the doctor later and she's just begining to feel a bit better. E has taken over S's chores with only minor grumbling, and we are all grateful. W has been keeping us all well fed and E occupied, her constant cheerfulness has gone a long way to keeping us all sane. E has also picked up some jobs from neighbors and friends and is now entertaining the possibility of achieving millionaire status before she is thirty. Of course some of this plan involves spending mom's money to better save her own. N aka mom has been having her ups and downs not always handling her restrictions with grace. She recently achieved boot status something she has been eagerly waiting for (visualizing newfound mobility, fantasizing leisurely early morning walks) only to realize she was being somewhat premature in not factoring in the EXTREME PAIN it would entail.
Today we had even more excitement, which we could certainly have done without. A heat wave and Apache's surprise return stirred up excitement in the herd which turned out to be a bit too much for Pass's delicate constitution, resulting in his colicing. Thank GOD for wonderful neighbors who rapidly came to the rescue and whisked Pass off to the vets. While his prognosis appears to be good he is spending the night at the vets for observation. Meanwhile N has never felt so helpless with this dang cumbersome lack of mobility. Grace is not her middle name, seeing her horse in distress and not being able to take an active role in helping him, naturally she took to barking out orders and doing little to bring calm and order to the scene. Things have since calmed down.
W has returned from a short visit with her brother bringing Donavan with Steve in tow. We are currently enjoying some impromptu music from the boys in the band. Calm is settling over the house.

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